Northtown Garden Society

Chicago, Illinois

Spring Plant and Garden Decor Sale

Spring Plant and Garden Decor Sale

Monarch Butterfly
Monarch Butterfly
West Ridge Nature Preserve
Chicago River Restoration
Lunch at Kulla Garden
Garden Walk
Proven Winners
Plant Sale
Openlands Excursion
Saving Seeds



February - gardening panel featuring NGS members Gorden Stromberg, Ruth Melulis and Ginny Davis


March - Travels in the Pantanel with Patricia Weiner


April - Prospect Heights Slough Restoration


May - Proven Winners with Sandra Wentworth and Spring Plant Sale


June- A Visit to the Prospect Heights Slough


July - West Ridge Garden Walk and  Visit to The Openlands Lake Shore Preserve


August - Visit to the Back of the Yards Neighborhood: Lunch at Roland Kulla's Studio and The Plant


September - Saving Seeds with Julie Peterson


October - Chicago River restoration with Lauren Umek


November - The Monarch and it's Migration with Doug Taron


December - Annual Holiday Party


Past Programs and Activities

Throughout the year we plan educational programs, field trips and social events as well as host fund-raising events such as our Plant Sale and Garden Walk. Our fund-raising supports our Community Service projects.



February - Pie Patch Farm Presentation by Brianna Heath


March - Organic gardening by Jeanne Nolan


April - Natural Dyes and Weaving by Pamela Feldman


May - Raising City Chickens by Wen Yi Stark; Collecting and Growing from Seeds by John Swenson; Annual Plant Sale


June- Low Maintenance Gardening by Ann McIntee; A Visit to Pie Patch Farm


July - Sketching in Eva's Garden with NGS member, Nancy Wieting


August - West Ridge Nature Center Presentation by Gary Morrisey;  Visit to the Back of the Yards Neighborhood: Lunch at Roland Kulla's Studio and The Plant


September - NGS 35th Birthday Party


October - Openlands Presentation and Plant/Seed Exchange


November - Native Plants for Shade Gardens by Charlotte Adelman and Monica Buckley


December - Annual Holiday Party




January - Volunteer Recognition Dinner


February - The Gardens of Bethany & Veggie Talk with NGS Members, Dorothy Bird and Ruth Melulis


March - Plant Considerations for the Landscape with Kim Kaulas


April - More Butterflies with Doug Taron


May - Growing Orchids with George Titterson; Annual Plant sale


June- Medical Cannabis with Abigail Watkins and Arthur lee


July - Butterfly Observation at Ginsberg markham prairie with Tony Marisko; Garden Conservancy Open Days Visits to Gardens of the North Shore


August - NGS Picnic in the Park; A Visit to the Prospect heights Slough


September - Svabord Global Seed Vault; Music of Nature with Eva Mannaberg and the rebecca Boelzmer String Quartet; Tour of the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum with Doug Taron


October - The Great Lakes Piping Plover Story with Matt Iglesias


November - Putting Your garden to Bed with Ann McIntee


December - Annual Holiday Party


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