Northtown Garden Society

Chicago, Illinois


House Finch

American Goldfinch - male

Daffodils: The Stars of the Spring garden


Our monthly programs are usually held on the 1st Thursday of the month at 7:00 PM in the Warren Park Field House, 6601 N. Western Ave. Chicago.


We usually feature a social get-together with refreshments followed by a guest speaker.


Eva Mannaberg and Sue Groshong


Speaker, Sue Groshong, is a University of Illinois Master Gardener and volunteer in Plant Information at the Chicago Botanic Garden.  She gardens at her home in Evanston and a weekend home in Wisconsin, and in both places daffodils take a starring role in spring.  Her talk explored the range of daffodils that you can grow and how they can best be integrated into your home landscape.



Birds of Illinois

Matt Igleski, who captivated us last year with his talk on the Great Lakes Piping Plovers who nested in Chicago, once again gave us a very informative talk on the birds in Illinois that we may find in our back yards. He discussed attracting them, feeding them (woodpeckers love dried mealy worms)  and gave tips on identifying them (look at the shape and color of the 

beak first).

Matt is an environmental educator by trade, so he is constantly teaching people and learning about the natural world. He came to birding by way of taking an ornithology course during his graduate studies in Michigan. The course nurtured Matt’s birding curiosity into a full-on avian obsession. After moving to Chicago in 2013, with his wife Vickie, their primary avocation has become birding all the spots that Chicago and Northwest Indiana has to offer. They’ve since traveled to other birding hotspots around the country, chasing rarities and exploring all the amazing, unique natural areas that the United States has to offer nature lovers. Matt truly enjoys helping people explore the natural world and showing them the birds that live there.

We wish to thank Matt for setting up this Zoom event.

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