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2020 WRNP
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Fall Has Arrived. Are you ready?

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, All Programs and Activities are being Altered.


December Virtual Meeting


Thursday, December 3, 2020 at 7:00 PM; a vitual meeting in your living room.


Urban Wildlife, a presentation by Liza Lehrer


Liza holds a BA in Zoology from Washington University in St. Louis, and an MS in Wildlife Ecology from the University of Illinois. Liza has worked at the Lincoln Park Zoo for a total of 14 years, currently as Assistant Director of the Urban Wildlife Institute. In this role, Liza assists with strategic planning, coordinates partnerships, oversees wildlife management for the zoo’s Nature Boardwalk, and collaborates with the zoo’s Learning department on urban-wildlife related programming and mentoring. She manages and collects data for several of the institute’s field research projects, including the Biodiversity Monitoring and Bat Monitoring projects, and is the Chicago lead for the Urban Wildlife Information Network. Liza’s research interests include landscape, behavioral, and acoustical ecology, managing human-wildlife conflict, and design of wildlife-friendly cities. She is endlessly fascinated by the resiliency and behavioral flexibility of animals, especially those that live in cities.


Lisa will be using the zoo's Go To Meeting account. Instructions for access to this account will be sent to all NGS members,




Community Service Project at the 24th Police District

Sort of hidden at the back of the parking lot at the 24th Chicago Police District Station was an overgrown and little-used  picnic area.  NGS members, Ginny Davis and Judy Ishii, were contacted by Officer Hank Kline who works with the district's community service section to see if we would help with redesigning and coordinating the cleanup and replanting of the site. We said "Yes".

After surveying the site with Officer Kline and discussing the goals,  we went to work on a plan. There was a lilac shrub  and crabtapple tree to be pruned, an overgrown vinca patch to be thinned, tree stumps to be removed and weeds to be dug out. There were irises to be moved and a milkweed plant to be left right where it was.  The area was surrounded on two sides by chain link fence which was to be covered by  wooden lattice and vines for privacy. The area was mostly shady, the budget was limited and the biggest obstacle would be the lack of a ready water supply. Knowing all of that, Judy and Ginny raided their own gardens for shade and drought-tolerant plants. Only 5-6 plants had to be purchased.

On Saturday, August 2nd, we met with 3 police officers, Hank, Dave  and Melvin, plus a group of very helpful teens from the CPD Youth League. While Melvin cut the lattice to fit the fence, everyone else pruned, trimmed and weeded. Once the lattice was installed, tne plantng could begin. In the meantime, a group of neighbors gathered in the alley to watch the progress and one of them generoulsly stretched a hose over to make watering easier. After 5 hours of work, the garden makeover was complete.


Coming Events

is about enjoying the smell of things growing in the soil, getting dirty without feeling guilty and generally taking the time to soak up a little peace and serenity.

                                                        ~ Lindley Karstens

Nancy and Eva

Mary and Natalie




Dave and Hank

NGS Member Garden Brag Photos


NGS members were invited to send photos of their gardens and they are now ready for viewing. To see them, click here or click on the "More" button at the top of the page.

NGS Dues Suspended for 2021


The board has decided to suspend 2021 dues, due to the fact that we will not have in-person meetings until further notice. All paid up members for 2020 will still be notified of events Zoom, etc.


Daffodils Planted at Rose of Sharon Garden in Warren Park in Memory of Nancy Seyfried


Thanks to the beautiful November weather, Natalie Peterson, Mary Oellrich, Nancy Wieting and Eva Mannaberg planted daffodils (donated by Susan Grosshong) in the Rose of Sharon Garden. Ginny Davis took pictures. Hopefully we will have a beautiful display of daffodils in memory of Nancy Seyfried. There will be a memorial for Nancy in the Spring. (hopefully).


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