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The Spring Cleanup Crew 2019 L to R: Natalie Peterson, Judy Ishii, Carol Veome, Amy Dearinger, Ginny Davis, Marilyn Shipley

Waters School  Garden

Titia Crespo and Pete Leki -  Waters School , 2016

Green Room 2018

Cactii Terrarium

Planting the Garden 2011

Late Spring 2017

Mosaic Marker created by Ginny Davis 2015

First Year Planting 2010

Ginny Davis

Alice Dunlap-Kraft

Nancy Wieting

Mary Oellrich

Eva Mannaberg

In 2019, two local schools, Kilmer and Waters, have received funding in order to further their school gardening projects. Kilmer will grow vegetables in raised beds and Waters will use the grant to continue its Sustainable Garden Project.


The Courtyard Garden at Bethany Retirement Home

Beginning in 2017, two NGS members, Dorothy Bird and Nancy Jane Lauren, have helped with the design and maintenance of the Courtyard Garden at the Bethany Retirement Home. With the addition of the gardens, which includes a vegetable garden for residents, the space has become a welcoming and happy place for all residents.

The Plaque made by Frank Glapa

The Dedication Picnic 2012

Waters School Gardens

Rose of Sharon Garden 2019

Triangle Garden 2019


Supporting Park District Programs

Our Community Outreach Program for 2019 has granted scholarships to 2 children to attend Warren Park Day camp.  In the past, we have provided funds for a day care graduation party and purchased swimming pools for summer campers.


School Gardens


Supporting Local School Gardens

The Rose of Sharon Garden was  the dream of NGS member Sharon Walsh whose untimely death in 2011 prohibited her from enjoying her dream. It is named in her honor.

The garden is located on the south side of the sidewalk leading to the Warren Park Field House, 6601 N. Western Ave. It is planted with pink roses, Russian Sage, cranesbill "Rozanne", hostas and daffodils.

We have been maintaining the Triangle Garden on the east side of Indian Boundary Park, 2501 W. Lunt Ave., for many years. It was redesigned as a mostly shade garden in 2010 as the tree canopy spread.

The plantings are a mixture of shrubs and perennials with a patch of shade annuals to provide a bit of color. A nice selection of shade perennials including ferns, hostas, anemones, hydrangeas, coral bells, turtleheads, astilbe and ligularia can be found. In the spring, species tulips, daffodils, crocuses and other spring bulbs burst forth.

We have been maintaining The Green Room, located in the Warren Park Field House, 6601 N. Western Ave., for many years.  It contains a variety in indoor plants including a terrarium containing cactii. It provides a nice respite to get away from a snowy, cold winter.


Pictured below: the 2018 Cleanup Crew



Green Room

One of our missions is to provide services to our community. We do this by maintaining gardens in local parks, maintaining the Green Room at Warren Park, providing summer camp scholarships to children in need and providing financial support to local school gardening programs.

The Rose of Sharon Garden at Warren Park

The Triangle Garden at Indian Boundary Park

The Green Room at Warren Park


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