Spring Plant and Garden Decor Sale

Spring Plant and Garden Decor Sale

Northtown Garden Society

Chicago, Illinois


Back of Mettawa Manor

 Mettawa Manor

 Mettawa Manor

Bill Kurtis conducting tours

 Mettawa Manor

 Mettawa Manor

The Gardens at 900

The Gardens at 900

We visited Mettawa Manor (Kurtis-LaPietra Gardens) in Mettawa and the The Gardens at 900 (Craig Bergman Gardens) in Lake Forest.  These extensive properties are beautifully landscaped and require large staffs of gardeners to maintain them.  The Kurtis home was also open for touring.


Garden Conservancy Open Days Visits to Gardens of the North Shore


Rattlesnake Master

Narrow leaf milkweed

Prairie Walking Stick on Mary's hat

Nancy, Tony and Ginny

Sig, Eva and Mary


Butterfly Observation

Guided by Tony Merisko, the prairie manager from NEIU, we visited the Ginsberg Markham Prairie to observe butterflies. Although few butterflies were seen, there were plenty of plants and insects to learn about.

Renee Lundy and Irene Vass

Walter Mannaberg - a very secure man

Eva Mannaberg

Current Activities

Throughout the year we plan field trips and social events as well as host fund-raising events such as our Plant Sale and Garden Walk. Our fund-raising supports our Community Service projects.

Shelly Greenberg


Spring Plant Sale

Our plant sale this year was quite successful thanks to the many NGS  and community members who donated a large variety of plants and shrubs from their gardens. The proceeds from the plant sale help to support our Community Service projects.

Many thanks go to all of the NGS volunteers who helped label, set up and sell the plants as well as to Eva Mannaberg who organized the whole thing.

"Farmer" Sarah

NGS members listening intently

Radish plant gone to seed

Nasturtiums are edible

Picking raspberries

Veggies, herbs and edible flowers

The final drawings

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