Spring Plant and Garden Decor Sale

Spring Plant and Garden Decor Sale

Northtown Garden Society

Chicago, Illinois

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2021 April Screenshot
Soil 5 2022

The Soil Garden on Rockwell

Zoom Meeting

Eva Mannaberg, NGS Board Chairman, hosted an afternoon  potluck party in her wonderful back yard. The food was delicious and we all enjoyed catching up with each other. Thank you, Eva and Leslie, Eva's daughter.

For the first time in several years, we held a fund-raising neighborhood garden walk. This year, we focused on 9 gardens in West Ridge south of Pratt, north of Arthur, west of Campbell and east of Talman. We wish to thank the Garden Walk Planning Committee comprised of Ginny Davis, Judy Ishii, Renee Lundy, Chris Harvey, Ellen Labedz and Pam Stewart and the registration volunteers,  Sig Schmidt, Carol Veome and Dorothy Bird. And, of course, a special thanks goes out to all of the gardeners who agreed to show their gardens and who worked very hard to get their gardens in beautiful condition for showing. Bravo to all of you!


To view the gardens, click here.

We celebrated the rededication/renaming of the Rose of Sharon Garden rose garden in Warren Park to the "Friendship Garden".  Although the weather prevented us from celebrating at the side of the garden, we picnicked indoors and admired the new plaque designed by NGS member, Nancy Wieting.

Ginny Davis presented a slideshow of her recent visit to the Naples (Florida) Botanical Gardens for the Ikebana Show.

For the first time since 2019, we held a public plant sale at Warren Park.  It was a successful fund-raiser to support our education and community service activities. Many members dug out and potted up plants from their gardens to sell. We wish to thank all particiating members, the planning committee and the park manager, Dianalynn Schilz and her staff.

Zoom Social Meetings

Because of the pandemic, we are unable to meet indoors. Monthly Zoom socials are scheduled for January, February and March in 2022.

We will continue to maintain the Green Room at Warren Park.

The "Grandmother" tree


A Tour of Emily Oaks Park in Skokie

Hidden along the bike path north of Howard Street in Skokie is a little gem of a park that is home to a variety of trees but mostly oaks. We took a tour of the trees and other plantings with the park's naturalist.

The park offers a variety of nature programs for toddlers and older children as well tree tours for adults.

A highlight of the tour was the "Grandmother" tree, an old crabapple tree, which children are encouraged to hug before their day's activities.



A Visit to West Ridge Nature Park

We toured the West Ridge Nature Park located at Western and Ardmore Avenues. Our guide, Gary Morrissey, Illinois Naturalist and Park Steward, discussed the flora and fauna of the preserve which have been expanding since the opening of the park in 2015. It is the home to birds, butterflies, deer and fish. This park is another gem located in the West Ridge neighborhood.

To learn more about this park, click here.


Following the tour, we gathered at the VPT Grill across the street from the park for dinner.

Renee Lundy and Irene Vass

Walter Mannaberg - a very secure man

Eva Mannaberg

Current Activities

Throughout the year we plan field trips and social events as well as host fund-raising events such as our Plant Sale and Garden Walk. Our fund-raising supports our Community Service projects.

Shelly Greenberg


"Farmer" Sarah

NGS members listening intently

Radish plant gone to seed

Nasturtiums are edible

Picking raspberries

Veggies, herbs and edible flowers

The final drawings






Volunteer Celebration

Warren Park Rose Garden Rededication/ Ikebana Slide Show

Plant Sale

Garden Party at Eva's

Garden Walk

In conjunction with a Warren Park celebration of volunteers, NGS volunteers were honored for their work throughout the year serving on the board, planning and helping with progrms and maintaining gardens.

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