Spring Plant and Garden Decor Sale

Spring Plant and Garden Decor Sale

Northtown Garden Society

Chicago, Illinois

Factor X

Late in the day...selling out!

The Plant


Visit to the Back of the Yards Neighborhood

NGS members enjoyed an afternoon visiting the studio and gardens of artist, Roland Kulla, who prepared for us a wonderful lunch of his homegrown produce. To see Mr. Kulla's artwork, visit his website.


After lunch we toured The Plant which is an old meatpacking plant converted to a closed loop, open source concept. They use innovative methods for sustainable food production, energy conservation and material reuse.To learn more visit their website.


Happy Birthday to Us!

To celebrate the 35th birthday of NGS, we held a potluck dinner topped off by birthday cake. Several members spoke about the history of the organization, posters with old photos were on display, tables were beautifully decorated with flowers furnished by members, games were played where everyone won a prize and a raffle was held. We are pleased that we remain a vibrant and valued member of the community.

The final drawings

Eva's Garden

Judy Ishii

Nancy Wieting at work

Shelly Greenberg

Nancy Brekke

Delores and Natalie Peterson


A Visit to Pie Patch Farm

As a follow-up to our February program about the development of the Pie Patch Farm in the Back of the Yards neighborhood, we visited the farm for a tour conducted by Sarah Jane Mallin, the resident chef/farmer/teacher. Sarah grows edible flowers, vegetables, herbs and medicinal plants.  Did you know that an unpicked radish will go to seed and the seed pods are edible, tasting just like radishes? In addition, radish leaves are edible and are delicious sauteed in olive oil.

For more information on Sarah's business ventures, visit her website, Pyrite Sun.

Following Sarah's tour, we picked raspberries...Yummm!


Sketching in Eva's Garden

NGS members enjoyed an afternoon sketching flowers in Eva Mannaberg's lovely garden. NGS member, Nancy Weiting, offered advice as to the right kind of paper for wet and dry media and choice of materials such as colored pencils, water-color pencils or water color. Nancy stressed that the experience of quietly observing nature was our primary goal.

"Farmer" Sarah

NGS members listening intently

Radish plant gone to seed

Nasturtiums are edible

Picking raspberries

Veggies, herbs and edible flowers

L to R: Lucy Radycki, Eva Mannaberg, Amy Dearinger, Ginny Davis and Bobbe Freeman


Annual Plant Sale

On a rainy, blustery day we held our annual fund-raising plant sale at Warren Park to provide scholarships for chidren to attend  the summer day camp at the park and to provide funds for garden programs at Waters. Boone and Armstrong Schools.

We wish to thank Eva Mannaberg for organizing the sale, many NGS members who provided plants and helped set up and  staff the sale and Diannalynn Schilz, the Warren Park manager, and her staff for providing space and support.

Renee Lundy and Irene Vass

Walter Mannaberg - a very secure man

Eva Mannaberg

Current Activities

Throughout the year we plan field trips and social events as well as host fund-raising events such as our Plant Sale and Garden Walk. Our fund-raising supports our Community Service projects.

Shelly Greenberg


Holiday Party

Members and guests of the NGS enjoyed  a pot luck dinner  to celebrate the holiday season. We were delightfully entertained by Factor X, led by NGS member Ginny Morin, who sang and played the harmonica! Special thanks to Dianalynn Schilz and the staff at Warren Park for their help throughout the year. Thanks to Eva and her committee for the decorations and all their hard work. Thanks to Devra Wagner for the donation of a number of pointsettia plants which were given away along with several raffle items.





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