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A Note about 2021 Events and Coping with Covid


 In spite of our continuing pandemic, the NGS Board has continued to provide very interesting and educational programs.  One benefit to remote programming has been drawing speakers from around the country. We have had speakers from Massachusetts, Ohio and southern Illinois.

Many THANKS go to Eva Mannaberg and Nancy Wieting for planning and executing such stimulating events.


Please visit our Past Programs page to see what we have done.




Thursday, September 1, 2022, Warren Park Fieldhouse, 6601 N. Western Ave


6:30 PM:  we will be Dedicating the Rose Garden to "The Friends of the Northtown Garden Society".


7:00 PM:  Greenhouses, Golf and Gardens: the Story of Warren Park and West Ridge.

Our speaker, Dona Vitale, who is on the Board of Directors and serves as Outreach Chair for Rogers Park West Ridge Historical Society, will present the story of how West Ridge and Rogers Park came to be and discuss the area's early farms and gardens. 


There will be a $5.00 fee for non-NGS members.


You can visit the Rogers Park/ West Ridge Historical Society at to learn more. 



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