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Thursday, Sept, 6, 2018, 7:00 PM, Warren Park Field House, 6601 N. Western Ave., Chicago
Saving Seeds
Our featured September meeting guest speaker is Julie Peterson.  
Julie manages Waters School and Community Garden and is a longtime steward and leader of Riverbank Neighbors and where saving seeds is part of a way of life.  This presentation is meant to contextualize local seed saving as a way of life in the context of history and the worldwide need to protect seed diversity. 
Julie will share about the native seed gathering that can be done by anyone who grows native plants and will give an overview of the need for native seed collecting in the Chicago region, honoring the work of many seed experts and efforts such as the North Branch Restoration Project and its leaders. Her presentation will then move to heirloom crop seed saving for backyard gardeners and regional and worldwide efforts to protect seeds, drawing connections to the work of the Seed Freedom Movement and the important issues of patented and heirloom seeds. 
For those who have an interest in learning to collect, share, propagate, save, and plant seeds, this presentation is aimed to provide an overview and to help people get connected to seed saving efforts in our region and to find the people and groups doing this important work.
There will be $5.00 fee for non-NGS members. Refreshments will be served.

Community Outreach


Day Camp


Our Community Outreach Program for 2018 granted scholarships to 4 children to attend Warren Park Day camp. See Community Service section for photos and more information.                

NGS News




NGS Volunteers Honored


The NGS members who gave of their time in 2017 were honored at a dinner in January. Without their help we would not be able to care for our gardens in the parks, offer educational programs or host fund-raisers. Their work is greatly appreciated. Eva Mannaberg received a house plant to honor her service as NGS Board Chairman.


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